Slow dating explained

With the pandemic stopping us temporarily from connecting with other people physically, there has been an influx of relationships that start online. But just like how meeting someone online is quick, falling out of love with them also usually gets rushed. With all the rush of looking for a date, some of us have difficulty enjoying the beauty of dating someone for a long time. But there are still people out there who enjoy slow dating, you just have to look closer.

What is slow dating?

Slow dating is exactly what you think it is. It is taking time to know your date and building a connection before deciding if you want to take the relationship any further. This can also be called courting since one party is trying to win their future partner’s heart by various acts, until the person they’re courting is ready to commit to a relationship. This is not like Everett escorts-client type where you just date on a whim.

Young woman lying on bed and holding bra in hand.

How to do it?

Just be patient! Slow dating means taking time to know the person more and actually sticking on to them until they are ready to commit. It does get tiring, and it may feel like a waste of time, but if you really want to be with the person you like, getting their commitment feels like a prize that is worth winning. But of course, never treat them as an object that is simply to be won in order for you to flaunt around in public. You should be dating them since you see their potential to be your long-term partner. The relationship may not last, but you know that you were sincere in showing your efforts in dating them.

How to know if I should do it?

Communicate! Slow dating takes time and effort from both parties, so you should both communicate what you want to get out of that set-up. It does not feel good if you don’t become a couple in the end, right? So be clear with your intentions before engaging in slow dating. 

It also helps to be open with each other in order for you both to be on the same page. If you feel like it is one-sided, be ready to admit this and end the relationship before going any further. This is not an escort-client transaction, so better get out before you waste more time and effort. 

Is it really worth it?

For some, yes, for others, it feels like a waste of time. That is why before you start slow dating, both parties should consent for this kind of set-up. Without a mutual agreement, it destroys its purpose of letting you get a deeper connection by allotting longer time in knowing each.

All in all

It is still up to you as to how you should pace your dating strategy. Some like it quick, some like to take it slow. The end goal is the same, and that is to find a partner that you can be with for a long time. Just have fun in dating, and don’t restrict yourself from having fun out of it.