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Mindset Coaching, Sound Healings & Reiki in Broome

Anna Hastie – entrepreneuress, mindset coach & sound healer

Business Mindset Coaching for early-stage, female entrepreneurs who are ready to create more confidence & have a clearer vision for the future of their business

Sound Healing & Meditation classes/workshops/retreats.

Reiki – Energy Healings

 Monthly Live Sound Meditations on YouTube

Free online sound baths & meditations on Facebook  & Instagram

Reflect and celebrate 2021. Create an abundant and visionary 2022.

Journal prompts, Affirmations & Gratitudes to guide you and help you to explore your thoughts and feelings around 2021 and what you dream for 2022.


The easiest way to program your mind for business success is HERE


Anna is a skilled and intuitive practitioner.  I found her one to one and group meditation sound healing extremely therapeutic. The instruments took me on a journey and the vibrational therapy shifted and integrated energy, leaving me feeling relaxed and re-energised.  I would highly recommend Anna.  Cathy

Anna’s hammock and sound are absolutely amazing. It is incredible to float in the hammock whilst the sounds envelop you. Truly relaxing! – Renee Miller

Anna did an amazing sound healing for the Allied Health team from Broome Hospital. Work can get so hectic and stressful sometimes so it’s important to be able to relax and unwind at the end of the day. Anna really helped our team with some much-needed relaxation, meditation and healing! Would definitely recommend! – Katie Johnstone Dietitian, Allied Health Broome Hospital.

You are amazing at what you do and there is such beautiful calming energy that pours from you. Thank you Other sound healings haven’t had that level of impact on me so definitely big credit to you. Nini

Thank you so much for my session yesterday. I can still feel the healing energy radiating through my body and I got so so much out of the session. Manifesting here I come. Meagan