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Anna Hastie

Anna Hastie – founder and healer.

Specialising in Sound Healing & Meditation classes/workshops/retreats.

Mindset Coaching, NLP, EFT, TIME Technique & Hypnosis

Reiki. Selfcare & Mindset exercises.

 Yoga Teacher (200hrs Yoga Alliance)

Monthly Live Sound Meditations on YouTube

Free online sound baths & meditations on Facebook  & Instagram

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Anna is a skilled and intuitive  practitioner.  I found her one to one and group meditation sound healing extremely therapeutic. The instruments took me on  a journey and the vibrational therapy shifted and integrated energy, leaving me feeling relaxed and re-energised.  I would highly recommend Anna.  Cathy 

You are absolutely incredible – thank you so much this afternoon! I’m so glad I came and was open to whatever was involved as I can’t believe how better I feel, I knew you were capable of great things but for you to have helped me out after such a short time I’m grateful and keen to make it a regular thing to keep fixing this broken version of myself  KM

You are amazing at what you do and there is such a beautiful calming energy that pours from you. Thank you Other sound healing hasn’t had that level of impact on me so definitely big credit to you. Nini

Hello 💝it’s Meagan here. I just wanted to Thankyou so much for my session yesterday. I can still feel the healing energy radiating through my body and I got so so much out of the session. Manifesting here I come 🥰🥰🥰🥰

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When we are creating balance in our own health and wellbeing, it is then that we are creating balance in the world around us.   

Anna Hastie – Owner & Therapist of Creating Balance Natural Therapies