How to energetically cleanse and clear your house (even if you don’t have incense).

I recently moved house and one of the things I love to do when I get to a new space is to give it an energetic cleanse.

With my Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls that is pretty easy as I have a Selenite and Smokey quartz bowl, plus a Pink aura bowl which can easily and quickly cleanse an area or person or thing.

I also like to burn incense such as white sage as I move from room to room, introducing myself to the new house or space and asking for any negative energies or entities to be removed, returned to source to be transformed into light and love.


So, what if you don’t have a Tibetan or Alchemy Crystal singing bowl or white sage available to cleanse and clear your house?  Can you still cleanse your house without them?  Well, believe it or not, you can use an ordinary pot or pan and a spoon from the kitchen and get ready to bang it as you walk around the house.


YEP – that’s right a pot and spoon!

I did this once with some girlfriends when we lived in a house together.  We felt the house had some stuck, sad energy from the previous owners.  I had the pot and pan and my girlfriends had incense.  It was noisey and fun all at the same time.  


Here are my steps you can follow to energetically cleanse and clear your house – even if you don’t have incense, you have just moved in or you have been living in your house forever!


If you are in the process of moving, try to do these steps before you move in.  You can also use this process as you leave your old house too. 


Firstly, take time to clear and de-clutter your spaces.  This is a perfect time to spring clean cupboards, shelves, and areas as well as clean surfaces and windows etc. 

Maybe if you feel inspired re-arrange some furniture.  Energy or chi can get stuck in areas that we haven’t moved or cleaned out for awhile, for example under beds or behind pictures.


Next, open all the doors and windows to let fresh air into the house.  This helps the energy to leave and lets fresh air in.


Take a moment to ground yourself into the earth by imagining or having a sense or awareness that your feet are connecting into the earth below.


Then set your intention.  This is an important step.

It’s all good to say I want to clear out stuck or negative energy, but it is also important to ask for something to come in and replace it. Such as love, happiness, abundance, joy, prosperity.  Whatever you want to call into your house.

For example you could say:

“I now release all negative and stuck old energies and entities  from this house and my life and be returned back to Source/Universe to be transferred into light and love for the highest good of myself, my community and the planet.”


Then walk around your house from the front door, anti-clockwise, clearing and cleansing either banging your pot, swirling your tibetan or crystal bowl or using your incense. Keep your prayer in  mind as you do and work around walks, corners, behind and underneath furniture. 

Imagining that the space is clearing and becoming lighter and brighter.


Once you have finished you can do a simple visualisation or meditation asking for Source or the Universe to send white light down into the house. Imagining it lighting up each room and sealing in all the beautiful things you would like to bring into the house. Love, joy, laughter, happiness etc.


Once you have finished say thank you to the house for taking care of you (and your loved ones) and that you are grateful for its presence in your life and all that it provides for you. Namaste


Anna’s story & how she got to Broome

Back in 2009 I made the decision. It was a big decision.  I was going to begin my  journey into the world of Natural Therapies and study massage.

Actually I wanted to study massage since I finished high school, but one way or another it didn’t quite evolve until 2009.  I had been travelling over seas for a few years and had come back to Melbourne with that big question above my head….What do I do now?

I enrolled at Australian College of Massage in Melbourne and knew that massage was going to be a good starting point.

As soon as I was qualified, I jumped straight into the world of massage, health and wellness, working at a prestigious Day Spa in St Kilda and then a Natural Therapy Clinic in South Melbourne.  I learnt so much at both these place and met some inspiring and beautiful therapists.

I craved knowledge of other therapies, their benefits and how I could be the best therapist for my clients. Over the years I have studied other natural therapies:



Sound Healing

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Ear Candling, 

Myofascial Cupping, 

Dry Needling,

Ka Huna Hawaiian Massage

Therapeutic Applied Percussion

Shamanic Healing


In 2013 I came to a cross roads point in my life.  I was needing a change.  The answer that I got was a sea-change that saw me move across the country to a remote town in the North of Western Australia – Broome.  

I had visited Broome five years before on a backpacking trip from Perth to Darwin.  The whole time I was in the Kimberley I kept thinking “I wish I could spend more time here. There is so much to see.”  (Be careful about what you wish for.)

I had the intention of staying a year and it was one of the best year’s of my life! Being in Broome I felt at home, I worked at a wonderful day spa, made some amazing friends and got a HUGE amount of Vit D back into my bones.  You see, I wasn’t the healthiest version of myself when I left Melbourne.  I was probably a bit too skinny, too pale and not 100% myself.

When my year was up I left Broome to walk 700kms across Spain on the Camino de Santiago with my Dad.  I then found myself in France hoping to do some work at ski resort as a massage therapist.  However, it didn’t work out and a few other circumstances found me dreaming of Broome.  I soon returned to Broome and picked up where I left off.

Another year later and I decided that Broome, the pindan dirt and the incredible red rocks had got under my skin and I was ready to  start my own therapy business – Creating Balance Natural Therapies, offering massage, reiki and most recently sound healings and meditation sessions.

Throughout my time working as a therapist and for myself I have learnt A LOT about myself and running a business.  I often wonder if I would ever go back to working for someone else?  Would I ever get tired of doing what I am doing?  (N.B it is important to check in with yourself and your business from time to time). For now the answer is no.

I love what I do and I love helping  people through the therapies I am passionate about.  I never thought I would ever, EVER run my own business or do my own thing, but here I am and I certainly don’t look back with regrets.

One of my biggest lessons, reminders or even mantras that I would pass on to anyone thinking about going out on their own:

If you can dream it, You can do it (Walt Disney).

Just go for it, don’t hold yourself back and don’t worry about what people will think.  You can do it.  If it makes your heart sing then go for it!



20 Tips for 2020, Your Best Year Yet.

Edited June 2020.

I started writing this at the start of the year and then pressed pause. 

It never got published as Covid-19 was becoming more prominent and then suddenly the world went into lock-down.  These tips seemed a bit trivial or meaningless when we our daily routines and lives were being restricted.  

After a while I realised that these tips were still possible and now that we are officially half way through the year,  you can turn 2020 around to be your BEST YEAR yet.

When a new year comes around we get excited about this fresh new start. A chance to get it right, do better or make things happen. 

Whether your intentions and goals for 2020 are big or small it is your daily habits and mindset practices that actually can make the difference to the bigger picture.

Below are my 20 tips for a fabulous 2020, your best year yet.

These tips don’t require huge mountains to be moved, but invite a few additions or tweaks to what you may already do. 

Choose at least 3 that you feel you can easily slot into your daily routines and see what happens.

 I hope this list will inspire you just to create some more positive energy and changes in your life.


20 Tips for a 2020

  • Start a gratitude list 

Gratitude is the best way to raise our energy and mood and strengthen our mental health.   Being thankful & grateful for whatever we have in life, even the fork we use to eat our food, can have a huge effect on our psychology, emotions and energy. It creates a positive mindset in our life, which raises our energy and mood.  When we are at these higher vibrational levels we then start attracting more positive and joyful experiences, people and or events in our life. 


  • Don’t buy crap you don’t need.

Ask yourself – do I really need this?  Invest in things that have purpose and necessity in your life. 


  • Clear out your spare room or under your bed

When we clear clutter we have clean open spaces that allow us to think and function better. Clutter blocks the flow of energy or Chi in the house or in a room.  Storing things under a bed might be a great out of the way space, but when you sleep on your bed every night, your energy is not able to freely move in or out of the room and can get caught up under the bed.  Clearing spaces allows the energy to flow freely in the house.  See if you notice a difference in your own energy if you clear out from under your bed. 


  • Turn your phone off one hour before going to bed and leave in another room.

Simply, your phones, ipad or laptops all create stimulation and brain activity which isn’t conducive to getting your mind to relax before going to bed. Plus studies have shown that little blue or green light they emit can disrupt your natural sleep-wake cycle.


  • Meditate every day for at least 5 minutes

Want to calm the farm in your head? Try focusing on your breathing for 5 mins and do this daily. You’ll see the results.


  • Explore your creative side.  What are your passions? 

Everyone has a creative side. It doesn’t have to be painting or drawing. It might be learning circus tricks or writing that murder mystery novel you have composed in your head.  When you follow your creativity and passions, you are following the path of your heart.


  • Try something new, try something you’ve been wanting to do and never have.

What are you waiting for? An invitation? Get out there and start. There’s no time like the present. 


  • Have an alcohol-free week, month or longer.

Give your liver a rest. Go alcohol-free. Your skin, energy and liver will thank you for it.


  • Have a coffee-free week & drink more water.

Water is so important for hydration and key functions of the body. Caffeine is actually very dehydrating. It depletes your body of moisture and therefore can be ageing.  


  •  Do a detox 

Talk to a naturopath or a nutritionist to support you on a detox. A 1-week detox is a great way to reset and refresh your body. 


  • Have a night in with friends and board play games.

Catching up with friends doesn’t have to be about going our and getting boozy. Being social is important for the min


  •  Get out of your head, stop self-sabotaging your thoughts.

How many times do we talk ourselves out of something? Don’t doubt yourself or give yourself a reason why it won’t work before you have even tried.  Listen to the thoughts, acknowledge that you have them and then be discerning.  Are they real or just your fear coming forward?  


  • Start listening to a podcast or audio book.

Less screen time or TV time. Educate and entertain with a podcast or audio book. They are great if you do long drives or to listen to when you are going for walks, cleaning around the house, gardening or simply relaxing for awhile.


  • Make time to call friends you haven’t spoken to in a while.

Community and connection is so important for mental health.  Who haven’t you spoken to in a while?


  • Volunteer and give back to your community.

There are plenty of amazing volunteer programs.  Community gardens and land care, looking after animals, working in an op-shop.  Volunteering creates skills, commitment, purpose and connection.  


  • Walk around barefoot in the sand or grass

Wearing shoes insulates us from our connection to the ground. The earth, sand or grass acts as an earthing or grounding mechanism that takes negative, old or stuck energy from our body and recharges us in return.


  • Try a new natural therapy – Go to a sound healing or meditation class.  

Go to a sound healing or a meditation class.  Are there any therapies you haven’t tried before but have heard of or are curious about?  There are so many amazing therapies available for whatever you feel you need.  


  • Take yourself to the movies and dinner – SOLO

YES! SOLO!! Have you ever tried it? Grabbing a quick bite to eat in your lunch break doesn’t count.  It can be very daunting and completely out of your comfort zone, particularly if you are a social butterfly.  A solo date with yourself is actually empowering, liberating & teaches you a HUGE life skill in confidence! 


  • Review your finances – 

 Money and finances are one of the biggest causes of stress today.  Do you have healthy spending habits or are you up to the neck in debt and struggling?  Reviewing your finances can seem scary or a chore but be brave and take a look around at your bank accounts, retirement funds and savings.  Where are you spending mindlessly? Cancel any subscriptions that are wasting your money. Create a budget, review your insurances and pay off your debts ASAP.   Seek sound financial advice where you can.


  • Be a tourist in your own backyard. 

For many of us, our international and even interstate holidays have been put on hold this year. That doesn’t mean we can’t be a tourist in our own local area.  Depending on restrictions and where you live many places and tourist businesses are open.  #wanderoutyonder & #holidayherethisyear are two VERY inspiring hashtags you can search through Instagram or Facebook or any other social media platform, give you inspiration.  Play tourist in your local area or go to those places that get left out because we are planning our global or national travels.  You’ll definitely gain a new appreciation for where you live.

10 Mindful Meditation Practices.

10 simple mindful meditation practices that you can do throughout your week.

Mindfulness is about being present and aware of your thoughts, actions, bodily sensations and space around you without judgement or criticism.

In other words, paying attention to what you are doing in the present moment. Turning off the auto pilot and moving into manual mode and creating a connection and conscious awareness to what you are doing at that moment of time.

Simple mindful meditation techniques don’t necessarily mean sitting on a chair and focusing on your breathing. Although that is a very simple and easy form of practising mindful meditation, there are other types of mindfulness that you can practice.

The benefits of practising mindfulness is the ability to shift from an activated, stressed state into a calmer, reflective and regulated state.  The more we become mindful within our actions, words and of the space around us, the more we are becoming more consciously aware of our place in the world and how we interact with others.  We are reducing stress, anxiety, to sleep better and improve our physical wellbeing.

You can bring mindful meditation into everyday activities and moments.

Here are my TOP 10 activities you can do throughout your day to cultivate a little more mindfulness into your world.

1. Cleaning your teeth – as you clean your teeth be fully present of the sensation and action of cleaning your teeth.

2. Waiting in line at the check-out – lower your gaze, and be aware of the space around you, sounds, sensations, how you are standing. 

3. Eating a meal – take time to enjoy your meal. The flavours, sensations, the action of chewing your food without any other distractions.

4. Washing dishes – feel the water as you wash and rinse your plates, the temperature of the water, the feeling of the water.

5. Go for a walk – One of my favourites! Be mindful of how you are walking, the sounds and sights around you.  Walking around barefoot is the best!

6. Sit in your garden and observe the space around you. Don’t get caught up in your next DIY garden project or how many weeds might be popping up.  Simply, look around and observe the colours, textures, movement of plants.  The breeze or air around you. 

7. Wash your hair – feel your hands on your head, the bubble and soap, how the water rinses through your hair, the smells and warmth of the water.

8. Pat your dog or cat – feel the peace and calm of spending some time with your fur baby. 

9. 5 min body scan. Stand or sit, close your eyes and tune into what you are noticing about your body.  The way your hands are positioned, how your left knee is feeling, the rise and fall of your chest with each breath.  Feel into how your body is feeling at that moment.

10.Making a coffee or tea.  Go through the activity of making your favourite hot drink, all while paying attention to what you are doing and how you are doing it, without any judgement or criticism.

Cleaning your teeth – as you clean your teeth be fully present of the sensation and action of cleaning your teeth.

This list is simply suggestions and you may come up with a few original activities that resonate or appeal to you.

Whatever you decide, know that there is no right or wrong in the process and you are training your mind to become more aware of what is happening around you. 

2020 – What this year means for us.

How are you feeling about 2020 so far? 

Relieved 2019 is over?  Excited for a new decade?

Starting a new year, and in this case, a new decade is perfect timing to reflect and look back at the previous year & decade.


What did you learn, do or not do? What happened good, bad or otherwise?  Did you travel? Did you start knitting? Did you end or start relationships? How was your health and wellbeing over the year? 

What is it that you want to create and bring about for this new year and decade? Better health? More time to do fun things for yourself? What are your intentions?


2019  was all about transitioning, letting go or ending certain things in our lives in order to make space and clear the path for what we want to create or bring more of to us.


The numbers 2020 seems to have a vibe about it. A really positive, good times kind of vibe. It could be the nice sequence of numbers 20 20 that make it feel good. It looks nice and has a nice ring to it when it is said out loud.   Or, it could be because there are some really great positive factors that are surrounding 2020. What I mean is, if we look at what 2020 symbolises numerologically and astrologically, 2020 has some great messages for this year.


Let’s start looking at the numbers themselves.

When we see the number 2 it means coexistence, partnerships, collaboration and balance. There are 2 2’s so we are being asked to look at where there is balance and imbalance in our lives. 

Number 2 is also a feminine number. This is where we are being asked to look more into our divine feminine self and follow, listen and tap into our heart.  To move and create from a feeling space rather than a thinking space or to think with our hearts and feel with our minds. To be more nurturing and 


Next, we can look at what is the Universal Year number for 2020. We get this number by adding the digits of 2020. 2+0+2+0 = Universal Year Number 4.  The number 4 is all about structures, foundations and building a framework. 


2020 is the year of exceptional change in the structures, values, and natures of our modern world and YOU, every one of us play an important role in bridging this shift into a Universal Humanity. Simone Mattews, Universal Life Tools. 


It’s a perfect year to put our goals into action and to really start taking responsibility for the way we live and want to live your life.  This is a year that you can start building our dreams, start creating and getting real about our purpose in life.


This is where I invite you to start creating new habits or intentions for this year so that they become second nature and part of life for the years to come. In particular habits in our health and wellbeing for mental, emotional and spiritual areas of our lives..


For example:

Daily or  weekly habits can be:

  •  Sitting for 5 mins in meditation and feel gratitude
  • Drinking more herbal teas and less coffee.
  • Walking outside barefoot on the grass, dirt or sand
  • Putting your phone away an hour before bed.


Monthly habits can be:

  • Having a coffee-free or alcohol-free week. 
  • Cooking more plant-based foods, 
  • Calling a long distant friend more often. 
  • Have a night in with friends. 


Even a Yearly intention could be doing a detox or going on a retreat.

“Better late than never,” or “There’s no time like the present.” 

Even if we feel that the year is already slipping away and we haven’t even started on our goals or intentions for this year,  there’s plenty of time!  


Now that you have read this, dear reader, I invite you to take some time out to sit and reflect on your past year and now the year ahead. 

Close your eyes, take some deep breaths in and ask yourself, what would you like to bring about for your 2020 and this fresh new decade.  


There is still plenty of time to get started and to make things happen.  Also, not everything has to be done immediately or perfectly. Lean into 2020 with a feeling of excitement, creativity and vision and see what unfolds.

What You Get For Your Money

For some people, money is one of the biggest obstacles to getting a regular massage. There, I said it. We don’t like to talk about money, it’s supposed to be a private issue. But I’m addressing it head-on. Regular massage is a considerable budget item, and it’s important to acknowledge that.

I know this because

  • I walk the walk and get regular massages.
  • I love to budget my finances. While it is important for me to get regular massages for my own health and wellbeing, if I don’t budget for it, it doesn’t happen.

But if I expect you to jiggle the numbers and budget for a massage every week, month, or quarter, it’s my job to tell you what you’re buying.

So here it is, what you get from a 1 hour, $100 massage.

Clarity in Pricing

What I charge is clearly listed here

No hidden costs, you pay the listed price. That’s it. All prices include GST and private health rebates may apply for certain treatments.

A Full Hour.

1 hour = 60 minutes. The clock doesn’t start until you walk in the treatment room. We allow 15 minutes between clients so we aren’t rushing you in and out, and we can sometimes sneak in a couple of extra minutes!

That’s not the case for every business, many 1 hour bookings are only 50-55 minutes of time in the room.

At Creating Balance, 30, 60, and 90 minute treatments last exactly as long as indicated. (Unless you’re late, then we may have to adjust accordingly so we don’t inconvenience the next client)

Ease of Scheduling

Scheduling tends to be the second biggest obstacle to getting a regular massage. We never think of scheduling massage at a time that is actually convenient to call.

I love it when my clients can book in for their preferred day or time.

That’s why I offer all my clients the ease of being able to book online, at any time, anywhere they are.

You can schedule your next treatment directly here on my Online Diary  or have a look at the treatments offered at Creating Balance Natural Therapies

If you don’t see a time that works for you (especially if you are trying to book a 90 minute treatment) please call 0411 022 131, I can even put you on the waitlist.    If a time slot does come available I can easily and quickly refer to my waitlist to see who is next.


For 1 hour, you are the superstar. You are the reason we’re in the room. Want me to spend the full hour on your neck and shoulders? Sure. Or longer on a head massage at the end? Absolutely!  I tailor all massages to my client’s needs.

You get our full attention. No phone. No demands. Just you.


I love the treatments I offer and most importantly I love being able to offer these treatments in a calming and peaceful environment.   Within this peaceful sanctuary, I have THE MOST COMFIEST massage table in Broome, clean towels, candles, oils, massage cups and needles and relaxing music that I incorporate to make your treatment a special.


I’ve had multiple years of practice and hours of continuing education. They were all just prep for your massage.

To get you the best results I do:

  • Dry Needling
  • Myofascial cupping & techniques
  • Stretches
  • Ka Huna & Lomi Lomi massage
  • Pregnancy massage

I won’t practice any techniques that are unsafe for you and your health condition. These are called contraindications. And I won’t mess around with them.

The downside here is that I may turn you away, but that’s rare. As in, it’s only happened a couple of times. We can usually find a technique that is safe and effective for your situation.

Proper licensing

In Australia, you do not need a qualification to call yourself a massage therapist.

There are plenty of people out there working as a “massage therapist” with little to ZERO training.

I am passionate about getting you results.  I am fully qualified with a Diploma Remedial Massage which is a 12-18 month full-time course requiring a minimum of 200 hours physical massage training in a supervised student clinic. To be eligible to provide Private Health Rebates, I also have to be registered with a Massage Association, regularly update my 1st Aid and be insured.

On top of that every year I am required to maintain my membership through Continuous Education or professional development.  This is when I disappear from the treatment room for a long weekend or a week to learn a new technique that can benefit you.


A massage with me gets you connections with all the practitioners I know. And that’s a lot of people. If massage isn’t helping you, I’ll help you find the right person to help you.

High-quality products

I only use the best products on your skin. You won’t leave my treatment room feeling slimy or drenched in oil. You won’t break out from a cheap fragrance or preservative.

In my treatments, I use high-quality massage oil and mixed with

a blend of essential oils that are great for warming and relaxing the muscles.

I also use:

  • Fisiocrem that contains Arnica for its anti-inflammatory properties,
  • Karma Rub, which is natural liquid magnesium and AMAZING for releasing muscles tension.
  • Australian Bush Flower Essence Space Clearing to awaken the senses and your energy after your treatment.

You get to support a small local business

Creating Balance is just me! I am the therapist, the admin, marketing, finances and HR.  No conglomerate. No fancy management structure or corporate set up. Just a little business owner, paying taxes, making a living, participating in the same communities that we serve. There are fewer and fewer businesses that can stay afloat in an era of big box stores and Amazon. When you pay $100 for a massage, you can be certain that the money is staying in the local economy.


All that, from a 1 hour massage.


You can’t put a price on your health, but you can definitely budget and plan for your massage.  You have the choice to choose where and who you want to take care of you on the table.  Knowing what is incorporated in your 1 hour massage is important for making the right choices for you.

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Holiday Massage

It’s exciting when you have a holiday on the horizon.  You’ve been planning for it, dreaming about it and now it is just around the corner.

For me, I love getting a holiday massage.  I’m in a relaxed mood, I have plenty of time and it feels like a luxury, something special for me. 

Poor planning, not allowing enough time, not knowing where to go or choosing the wrong treatment can taint your massage experience.

As a massage therapist, running a busy therapy clinic, I get a lot of people looking for a holiday massage in Broome.  

Here are my tips on how to get the best out of your next holiday massage.  These are from my own observations of people looking for a holiday massage in Broome, as well as personal experience when I am on my own holiday.

 Follow these tips and you won’t be disappointed with your next massage on holidays.


Book your massage before you arrive.

If you know your itinerary, schedule a massage for once you arrive, or at least during your holiday.  Massage is great for getting over travel fatigue whether it be jetlag from a flight, driving long distances, or the crazy – busy lead up to your departure. 

Having a massage pre-booked takes the stress out of trying to book something last minute.

Most importantly it means YOU GET AN APPOINTMENT – the day, time and place you desire.


Plan to arrive early.

Allow plenty of time to get there and arrive early at to your appointment gives you plenty of time to relax, unwind and relax. 

That way you won’t feel frazzled or rushed to get there, you’ll enjoy the experience more and it won’t cut into your treatment time.


Choose a treatment you wouldn’t normally have.

For all those massage fans, try a treatment you wouldn’t normally have.  

It makes the holiday massage feel a bit more fun and different. 

It’s like when you go to your favourite restaurant and you always choose your favourite meal. You do that because you love that dish and you know what you are getting.

When we go on holidays it is to do and go somewhere different – it takes us out of our normal routine and gives us a chance to experience new things.

So when you are considering getting a massage, try something your regular therapist doesn’t offer. Try a Hot Stone massage or a body exfoliation with a massage.  


After all, a holiday is not a holiday without a massage!


Massage day – the day of rest.

Holidays are a chance to get out of your normal environment or routine and to do something new, different and fun. 

No matter, what kind of holiday you have planned, always factor in some downtime or a rest day.  This is a great opportunity to get a massage and have a whole day of relaxation.

Generally, when we are at home, we are always rushing from one place to another.  We sometimes don’t give ourselves enough rest time before or after a massage. 

When you are on holidays you have plenty of time, so have a rest day. 

Do some reading, or have a casual brunch, get a massage, and then rest up for the remainder of the day! Perfect!


Book a longer treatment time.  

When  I am on holidays, I have the time to book a longer treatment. Why? The longer I get on the table, the better I know I am going to feel.  I love 1-hour massages, but it never feels long enough. If I have the choice of a 90 minute or 120-minute treatment, I am definitely going to choose the longer treatment.  The longer I get on the table the better I will feel!


How to find a good therapist.

We love the therapist we see at home, but how do we find equally as good when we are on holidays?

Start by asking for recommendations. Ask the hotel you are staying at, friends and relatives you visiting or look at reviews on Google searches or ask on Facebook groups.

Staff profiles,  client reviews or testimonials on websites or social media gives you a good idea of what type of therapist they are and what they specialise in.  This can help determine if that therapist is right for you or can do the kind of treatment you need. 

If you are booking in at a larger therapy centre with many therapists – you can request or ask for a therapist that specialises in “strong, firm, killer pressure” or great at solving lower back problems.

Every holiday needs a relaxation day.  Having a massage or treatment will certainly be one of the many highlights of your trip.

If you follow the above steps, you’ll be sure to find a fantastic therapist and have a wonderful massage or treatment on your next holiday.


After all, a holiday is not a holiday without a massage!


5 Things You Didn’t Know About Reiki

Rei – Universal + ki – Life Force.

Originating from Japan, Reiki today is one of the most common and sort after energy healing therapies in the western world.

It is hands-on, energy-based therapy that channels and directs the flow of universal energy to the client.  It works on balancing energy lines and chakras. Most clients feel a huge sense of peace and relaxation after receiving Reiki healing.

There is a lot more to Reiki than you might know, like Reiki can be used for distant healing and even pets  and plants!

Here are 5 things you didn’t know about Reiki.

1 – Reiki for distant healing  to people

Reiki for distant healing

This is where Reiki can be really special and powerful.  In my experience, distant healing can be just as powerful as a Reiki healing for someone on my treatment table.  

As a level 2 practitioner, certain symbols are used and the intention of Reiki is directed to the person receiving the distant healing.  

Distant healings can be done for people in the next room, the same town or overseas.

2 – Pets and plants love reiki

Believe it or not, plants and animals love Reiki too!  

There are some practitioners that specialise in giving Reiki to animals.  They are very grateful for receiving Reiki and you can see the love and peace in their body and face.  Once a pet has received a Reiki treatment, they will often let you know when they want more.

Like pets, plants love Reiki too.  

When I move around my garden I touch the leaves or flowers of my plants.  As I move around I am giving them positive energy and this is a form of Reiki.  Try it on your favourite plant and see how it grows!

3  – Reiki will always flow to where the body needs it.

Quite simply, in a treatment, relax, be at ease and allow the energy to go where it is needed most. Your body will direct it and take it where you need it most.  

Even if a therapist rests their hands on your shoulders for the entire session, know that your body will be taking the energy to where you need it most.

The body is smart. Trust it.

4 – Reiki can be used to send energy to past and present events.

I’ve often sent Reiki to future events, like a job interview or a doctor’s appointment.

Reiki facts

Sending Reiki forward into the future to prepare for a future event creates peace, harmony and positive energy.  For example, sending Reiki to an interview can help create the right balance of energy in the room and with the participants. You might be feeling nervous enough, why wouldn’t you want positive energy to be in the room with you during an interview.

Things that may have happened in our past, can often drag us down or cause repeated grief or unhappiness. Healing past events or difficulties with Reiki can help us move forward, break ties or patterns and be at peace.

5 – The 5 Reiki Principles.

The Reiki Principles, by Dr Mikao Usui are guidelines that everyone can live by to promote a healthy way of living.

  • Just for today do not worry
  • Just for today do not anger
  • Just for today work honestly
  • Just for today express gratitude
  • Just for today be kind to all living things.

I love these principles because they are simple and easy to follow.  No confusion – just for today….

Take one principle, write it on a post-it, or a few, and pin it to places where you will see it as a reminder throughout your day.


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Self-care for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

I’ve been in the Natural Therapy industry for a while now, and what I see more and more is a change in people’s attitude and the realisation of the importance of self-care.  They are realising that massage, reiki or any other natural therapies are no longer about “pampering” ourselves or a luxury. It’s a form of self-care. It’s one thing they can do to help themselves manage and better their own wellbeing.  Of course, I see plenty of clients who need massage or reiki for chronic pain problems. I also see those, who incorporate massage as part of their monthly, bi-monthly or even weekly self-care routine.

Self-care isn’t just about natural therapies, it is about looking after our overall wellbeing.

Here’s my question to you. How is your self-care at the moment? Are you making time or do you even factor in self-care into your daily routines or week?

What is self-care?

/sɛlfˈkɛː/ Noun

  • The practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.
  • The practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.
    Google Dictionary

Why is self care important?  

Self-care is important for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It is important to nurture these aspects of ourselves and life in order to build a healthy relationship with ourselves and those around us.

As Maria Baratta (Ph.D., L.C.S.W) explained in Psychology Today “Self-care, in essence, is the mindful taking time to pay attention to you, not in a narcissistic way, but in a way that ensures that you are being cared for by you.”  “Self-care goes a long way in managing stress and living your best life.”

Self-care tips

There are many ways we can actively invite self-care into our life.  
Here are some of the self-care tips I follow in my life.

Get good quality sleep. I know for a fact, I don’t operate at my full potential with little sleep.  I try to get at least 8 hours a night. When I put my alarm on and the little note comes up saying, the alarm will activate in 8hrs and 22mins I get excited! So much sleep ahead of me!  I do try to go to bed the same time every night. If there are times when I feel my brain is too active I’ll use some essential oils, do some reading, or journalling which helps if I have worries or a problem on my mind, or practise some breathing meditations to relax my mind and body.

Eat a nutritious, balanced diet. YES!!  There is so much information and research coming out linking food and nutrition with diseases, gut health and illness.  

“A balanced diet is important because your organs and tissues need proper nutrition to work effectively. Without good nutrition, your body is more prone to disease, infection, fatigue, and poor performance.”

Drink plenty of water. That might seem like a rather dull act of self-care but I will say this.  Our body is made up of over 70% water. Water hydrates our muscles and lubricates our joints. Water helps our organs (especially our bowels) to function properly. Water prevents headaches, flushes out toxins, boost the immune system (true story: I was sick with the flu and pretty much flushed it out of me, just by drinking lots of water).

Meditate.  Oh yes! Meditation. I meditate because my mind can get busy and overactive.  I use meditation to ground myself and to get me out of my head. It helps me to think clearly, be rational, stop dramatising and to re-connect to my emotional, spiritual and physical body.  

FUN. There was one stage in my adult life when I realised I wasn’t doing things that were ‘fun’.  I lived between work and home and didn’t do much in between. When I saw that I was missing “fun” in my life, I realised that it was the important thing I needed to do for my own happiness and wellbeing.  Dancing has been the biggest part of my life and it is the one thing that brings me “fun”. Fun helps reduce stress, balance our hormone levels, brings social interaction & connection to others and makes us feel energetic and youthful.

Get a massage & explore the benefits of different natural therapies. Well, yes, of course, I am going to mention this one.  I regularly get my own massages and reiki healings. Not just to keep my body in check, but also it helps me to relax and I enjoy it.  I often get a relaxation massage instead of a deep tissue or remedial, because I know it is sometimes just about resting and relaxing my mind and body.

It’s never too late to start focusing on your own self-care.

Are you Creating Balance in your life through self-care?

  Take some time out to think about what areas of your life could do with a little more focus on self-care and start making changes.

Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear about what your self-care activities are.  

2019 - Creativity, Self-care, Fun

2019 – The Year of the 3.

Guess what? Apparently, 2019 is going to be a GREAT YEAR!

Can you feel it? Do you agree with me?

What I love about January is that it is the start of a New Year, a new page and a new leaf turned.  We’re optimistic, positive and feeling fresh after our holidays. It’s like we are looking at the New Year with fresh eyes and optimism.  

So what if I told you that as soon January 1st ticks over each year, regardless of our individual agendas, or goals and resolutions for that year,  on a global level everyone will feel and experience the same energy or vibration for what unfolds during that year.  Well, each year has its own Universal Year Number, which represents its own opportunities, challenges and learnings.  Knowing what the year might present may help give more understanding or meaning to certain areas of your life.

Universal Year numbers and Numerology.

Let me backtrack. In 2017 we started what is called a new 9-year cycle.  Each calendar year is represented by a number from 1 – 9 and each number has its own meaning.  In Numerology, it’s called a Univeral Year Number.

To get this number, you add each of the numbers of the year until it breaks down to a single digit, or into the double digits 11, 22, 33 which are Master Numbers and they hold their own significant meaning. 

For Example:

2017:   2+ 0+1+7= 10. 1+0= 1

2018:  2+0+1+8 = Master Numebr 11.   1+1= 2

2019:  2+0+1+9 = 12.  1+2 = 3

The last two years.

2017  – It was all about endings and beginnings and focusing on ourselves. We 

2018 – Provided us with some challenges.   It was less about “I” and more about “We.” 2018 revealed to us new partnerships and collaborations, balancing existing relationships, both personal, and professional. There was also a reawakening of our own intuition and movement towards spiritual healing or teachings.

2019 what do you hold for me?

If you felt 2018 was a little bit intense and hard, then get excited because 2019 is a Universal Year 3 of being lighthearted, joyful and fun.

The focus will be on:

  • FUN

All of this energy will boost your personal development, growth, self-expression and discovering our authenticity.  We’ll be moving out of our comfort zones, becoming more creative, discovering what happiness means to us and engaging in lots of social activities.  You will feel inspired to do more fun things for yourself.  2019 will also be encouraging us to focus on self-care, whether it be creating more healthy habits,  exploring new types of exercise or beauty routines.  It will also be about Creating Balance and nurturing our body minds and spirits through different natural therapies.

In what areas of your life are you Creating Balance for 2019?

What are you feeling about 2019? Are you feeling the urge to be more creative or find ways for self-expression and artistic creativity? Are you travelling, moving to places that are a little outside of your usual destinations? Is self-care for your mind, body and spirit a focus for you?

Whatever unfolds for you in 2019, whether you have already planned it or just waiting for it to unfold, take note of how the Universal Year number 3 resonate in your life as you journey through 2019.