Treatment Combinations

We love all the treatments we offer and have found them to be highly beneficial and affective when they are put together to form a longer session.

We are certain you’ll find a treatment combination that you will enjoy.

Reiki – Massage 

60 mins – $110   90 mins  – $155

Clients LOVE this treatment & so do we.

You will get the full relaxation of having your muscles worked on and then the energetic balancing with receiving reiki healing.

We recommend either 30 mins of body massage on an area you need worked on and 30mins of reiki healing = 60mins


60 min massage to work on the entire body and 30 mins of reiki healing to finish = 90 mins.

1.5hr massage and 30min reiki is also possible. Please contact the clinic to discuss.

Massage & Facial Cupping

60 mins  $110   90 mins $155

This combo will have you feeling great. A body massage tailored to your needs followed by facial cupping & a head massage.  Gentle & delicate facial cups are used to stimulate and clear the sinus passages and activate face lymphatics.

This will leave your skin feeling soft, refreshed and youthful, complete with a head massage to finish will have you melting into the table.

Ear Candling & Massage

2hrs & 15mins $180

Enjoy a 1 hr Massage to ease any aches, pains, or just to relax the muscles of the body.

Followed by Ear Candling, to draw out excess wax & fluid from the ears.  It’s so relaxing, you may fall asleep.