Meditation & Sound Healing

Meditation & Sound Healing

🎵~The body can heal itself most effectively when it is in a state of deep relaxation. ~~🎵

Sound healing takes us beyond relaxation. It works on us on a cellular level to bring the body and mind back into a state of homeostasis.
Sound moves quickest through water.  As we are made up fo 70% water and fluid, we can receive sound and therefore healing quickly and efficiently.

Weaving & combining guided meditation with sound, I’ll take you on a relaxing journey moving through the different shamanic sounds of rattles, shakers, drums, voice, chimes and the divine Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.

In a sound healing, all you need to do is come and be open to receive whatever healing or messages the session brings to you.

No equipment needed, unless you want to bring a pillow for your head and a sarong to cover you.  Lie down on a yoga mat and relax through a meditation sequence and then into a journey of sound.

$25 – Flow Movement Space, 20 Hunter St Broome

Doors open at 3pm
Session starts at 3.15pm

All yoga mats, bolsters etc are provided.

Optional: bring a Pillow for your head and sarong to cover.

Please Book Online via the link – payment required at time of booking*.


Any questions or problems booking please call or message me
0411 022 131.

I am so excited to be sharing this afternoon with you!

In Health,

Anna xx

*A confirmation email will be sent once booked in and a text/email reminder the day before the class. If you need to cancel please advise 24hrs before the time.