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Anna is such a warm, kind and friendly soul and such a joy to work with! It’s clear she deeply cares for others and is truly invested in her clients. Anna worked with me on several NLP techniques which helped me to rediscover my motivation and breathe so much life and excitement into my goals. Her strong intuition allowed her to really connect with me and made me feel so supported.  Kristin Richards – Girlboss Designer

I went with an open mind to a life coaching session with Anna, not only did she open my mind but she has helped me shift some limiting behaviour and thought patterns through her TIME technique. Coby

You are freaking amazing. I thank you so much for being my cheerleader and being this incredible supportive cheerleader that you are. Bless you. Love you.  Kat

Anna has been supporting my business and my money mindset.

Every time I faced a challenge or blockage to get to the next level in my business, she supported me with brilliant knowledge of mindset coaching and various techniques. My favourite is Tapping and Affirmations.

This year, I achieved 10k in a month. Before that, I was struggling with money, and desperate to create my own brand and offerings. I was so afraid to launch programs.  There was always certain fears getting in my way, such as “what if people won’t sign up for my offerings”.

Anna gave me so many resources and told me how to break through the fear. She has helped me get to the next level in my business and success.

I don’t think I could come this far if she wasn’t in my life. Words cannot express how grateful I am for her.

If you want to uplift your life and business, you definitely should talk to Anna.

Ayumi – Xiang8Universe. Sound Healer, Mentor and Spiritual Entrepreneur.