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Rei – Universal + ki – Life Force.

Originating from Japan, Reiki is a hands on, non-invasive therapy.   Sometimes dysfunction in the body isn’t just physical, but also emotional, mental & spiritual.  How we live our lives or respond emotionally to life events can affect the flow of energy within our body.   

When we are feeling stressed, run down, tired or have a lack of energy or desire, our energy centres or Chakras, may not be filtering or processing our energy properly.  Blocked energy can result in physical and emotional dysfunction. Reiki balances, aligns and releases any energetic blockages held within the body, whether it be emotional or physical.  Reiki can also work on physical ailments. Many people have received positive results from receiving Reiki alongside cancer treatment, injuries or illnesses.

In a Reiki session, the therapist gently places their hand upon the client’s body, generally in relation to the Chakra points, crown, eyes, and ears, underneath head, throat/shoulders, heart, stomach, hips, knees and feet and will channel Universal Energy or Life Force to the recipient.  

Everyone’s experience of receiving Reiki is different.  Sometimes insights develop, messages or emotional or physical shifts are felt. Each experience is positive as in some ways, it is like removing the energetic garbage – out with the waste allows vibrant new energy in.

Reiki can have a positive effect on how our energy flows through our body and lives.

Reiki Healing in Broome

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