Ka Huna Hawaiian Massage

A unique, flowing, healing technique originating from the master healers in Hawaii.   Often felt like waves moving over the body, the therapist uses heated coconut oil on the body. Fluid, continuous and rhythmic full body strokes are used either with the hands or forearms.

Every Ka Huna massage is always different and each client will always experience something different, from complete relaxation, energy healing, physical or emotional shifts.  The client may feel totally nurtured and comforted, with an increased sense of awareness and sometimes the release of long-held emotions that have been locked into the body.

Relaxation Massage

Feeling stressed, or a little wired, maybe mentally run down and tired? Relaxation Massage is exactly what it says – a massage to soothe & relax the body and the mind. Massage strokes are slower, longer and soothing and can calm the mind and body.  You’ll feel calmer and rested after a Relaxation Massage.

Relaxation Massage Broome

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