Sound Healing

What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing is not new, in fact, it is an ancient shamanic form of healing using a combination of instruments or voice to clear, align and heal the mind, body & spirit.  

Sound is a frequency just as the human body vibrates at certain frequencies.

When we hear a frequency or sound it either sounds great or uncomfortable and disturbing.

For example, if you hear a leaf blower or a jack hammer,  it makes you shudder and cringe. Whereas hearing tinkling wind chimes or someone singing a gentle peaceful song, you feel happy and peaceful.

Sound Healing takes us beyond relaxation.  It works on us on a cellular level, balancing and realigning our physical, emotional and energetic bodies back into a state of homeostasis.  

Most importantly, sound moves quickest through water. As we are made up fo 70% water and fluid, we can receive sound and therefore healing quickly and efficiently.

Sound Healing

1:1 Sound Healing

60min – $120.

This is your very own personalised sound healing session.

You session starts with setting an intention based on what you are needing at that moment in time.  Whether it be towards the release of a physical discomfort or healing on an emotional level.

This is an invasive healing and all is required for you to be open and ready to receive.  As you lie down on the massage table, you will be guided through a relaxation meditation and then experience rattles, shakers, chakra chimes and the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls to bring your being back into harmony and alignment. Reiki healing is also incorporated into this healing.

Sound healing is perfect for anyone experiencing stress, anxiety, physical discomforts, mental exhaustion, fatigue or tiredness, energy blocks, needing clarity or just some time out to themselves.

If you feel like you incorporate massage into your healing session Go To Sound Massage Journey.

Sound Healing  Classes

60min – $20.

New to Meditation or Sound Healing, joining a class is a perfect introduction.

Classes are held at Flow Yoga Studio, 20 Hunter St, Broome.

Please go to Events Page to read more.

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