2019 - Creativity, Self-care, Fun

2019 – The Year of the 3.

Guess what? Apparently, 2019 is going to be a GREAT YEAR!

Can you feel it? Do you agree with me?

What I love about January is that it is the start of a New Year, a new page and a new leaf turned.  We’re optimistic, positive and feeling fresh after our holidays. It’s like we are looking at the New Year with fresh eyes and optimism.  

So what if I told you that as soon January 1st ticks over each year, regardless of our individual agendas, or goals and resolutions for that year,  on a global level everyone will feel and experience the same energy or vibration for what unfolds during that year.  Well, each year has its own Universal Year Number, which represents its own opportunities, challenges and learnings.  Knowing what the year might present may help give more understanding or meaning to certain areas of your life.

Universal Year numbers and Numerology.

Let me backtrack. In 2017 we started what is called a new 9-year cycle.  Each calendar year is represented by a number from 1 – 9 and each number has its own meaning.  In Numerology, it’s called a Univeral Year Number.

To get this number, you add each of the numbers of the year until it breaks down to a single digit, or into the double digits 11, 22, 33 which are Master Numbers and they hold their own significant meaning. 

For Example:

2017:   2+ 0+1+7= 10. 1+0= 1

2018:  2+0+1+8 = Master Numebr 11.   1+1= 2

2019:  2+0+1+9 = 12.  1+2 = 3

The last two years.

2017  – It was all about endings and beginnings and focusing on ourselves. We 

2018 – Provided us with some challenges.   It was less about “I” and more about “We.” 2018 revealed to us new partnerships and collaborations, balancing existing relationships, both personal, and professional. There was also a reawakening of our own intuition and movement towards spiritual healing or teachings.

2019 what do you hold for me?

If you felt 2018 was a little bit intense and hard, then get excited because 2019 is a Universal Year 3 of being lighthearted, joyful and fun.

The focus will be on:

  • FUN

All of this energy will boost your personal development, growth, self-expression and discovering our authenticity.  We’ll be moving out of our comfort zones, becoming more creative, discovering what happiness means to us and engaging in lots of social activities.  You will feel inspired to do more fun things for yourself.  2019 will also be encouraging us to focus on self-care, whether it be creating more healthy habits,  exploring new types of exercise or beauty routines.  It will also be about Creating Balance and nurturing our body minds and spirits through different natural therapies.

In what areas of your life are you Creating Balance for 2019?

What are you feeling about 2019? Are you feeling the urge to be more creative or find ways for self-expression and artistic creativity? Are you travelling, moving to places that are a little outside of your usual destinations? Is self-care for your mind, body and spirit a focus for you?

Whatever unfolds for you in 2019, whether you have already planned it or just waiting for it to unfold, take note of how the Universal Year number 3 resonate in your life as you journey through 2019.

Eat, Pray, Love Your Downtime

“I’ve been looking forward to this all week,” is one sentence I hear a lot from my clients.  This is followed by life is busy, time is flying, there are endless to-do lists, not enough time in the day.

They happily get on the table, zone out for an hour and then at the end of the session, declare that they feel really relaxed, dozy and don’t feel like doing anything else for the rest of the day. They had a whole list as long as their arm of things to do post massage, and now the thought of negotiating shops or chores is a bit too much. (As if you are going to feel like doing anything after a massage with me, on my magic table).

Then I get that look that says, “can you please give me permission to not do anything else for the rest of the day?” or the other look “Is it ok if I just go relax and do what I want to do to?”

Relaxation, Creating Balance

Eat Pray Love Your Downtime

My reply: “Absolutely! Take it easy for the rest of the day.  Go sit on the beach or read a book. You don’t need to ask me. Just do it. As a therapist, I encourage rest and relaxation, as it is important about Creating Balance in life.

So, it got me thinking. Why is it that we need permission to relax? Why do we feel guilty for wanting to take time out to relax or do something that gives us pleasure?

There’s a scene from the book Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  Elizabeth is taking a Gap Year through Italy, India & Bali. In Italy. She’s learning about Italian culture, the language and basically eating her way through every pasta dish on the menu, and of course the art of pleasure.  In this scene, her Italian friend Luca Spaghetti passionately compares the American and Italian way of life. In his opinion, Americans don’t know how to enjoy themselves without feeling guilty. He says that they know entertainment but not pleasure. Americans need to be told they’ve earned the right to relax after burning themselves out at work.  In the opinion of Luca, Italians on the other hand, don’t need to be told. They plan their breaks with no guilt attached and take them.

So, are we really conditioned to be so busy that we can only accept pleasurable things to do or “downtime”, or that moment of relaxation as a reward? Why can’t we be like Luca and know that pleasure and rest are what we deserve and are entitled to, without the permission?

Is it the idea that if we are not seen as being busy we’re lazy, useless or unproductive?  I am not saying we shouldn’t be busy either.  At times we need to be productive and get things done.  It’s about knowing when to switch off and do it without hesitation or reservation.

If we were told it was compulsory for our health and wellbeing to factor in downtime – would we think about it?  It should be part of our lifestyle and a normal part of life

Downtime, rest and pleasure are different for everyone. Some people find their best form of rest and switching off is by going paddle boarding, while for others it’s reading a book.  How often do you get to do that?

I’m not here to tell you how to relax and there are many ways to relax. I simply invite you to adopt the idea that you don’t need permission or an excuse to have a massage or sit on the beach all afternoon.  Yes, you deserve it.  So, reward yourself, then get into that habit of doing it all the time without permission.  At the end of the day, it is all about Creating Balance in your life.