Bec, Hairdresser

I have experienced many massages in my life before I met Anna and again many after I left Broome. I always find myself disappointed in paying for massages now because Anna truly lifted my expectations.

Anna’s skills are incredible and her customer service, her manner & her energy are lovely, so you feel completely comfortable with her. As a Hairdresser, I always had knots, tightness & soreness throughout my entire back, neck, shoulders & arms. Anna has great strength and pressure in her Remedial massages and my body always felt much better afterwards.


Cupping on my feet brings them alive.

Alice, Remedial Massage Therapist

Whatever she does, Anna always fixes my shoulder and neck. I am also a therapist and often get tight shoulders and neck from working over a massage table. I feel like new after I have had one of her massages.

Kat, Barrista & Performer

I was suffering from chronic pain in my left forearm. It was painful to lift or hold things. At night I found it difficult to sleep on my side because my whole arm hurt.  I saw Anna for Dry Needling and immediately I felt a huge release of tension. It was like the pain was melting from my arms. I left feeling so much better. The sense of relief was wonderful. Amazing.


I have a form of osteoarthritis in my hands.  Cupping has helped my hands not feel so stiff and at night time they feel so much better.  I can now shake hands better!


Anna is a brilliant massage therapist and I always highly recommend her to others. Not only is she skilled in many therapies but definitely creates balance in your life, so it’s a perfect business name!  Thanks, Anna, you’re amazing.


It’s the BEST part of my life, being in here getting a massage!


Anna is an amazing massage therapist, I’d rate her as one of the best I have ever experienced. She didn’t even have to ask me where I was sore but she knew where to concentrate on. She is warm and welcoming and you will feel completely comfortable with her. Can’t recommend her highly enough!

Mal, Broome Local

WOW, the Hawaiian massage really hit the spot, thanks, Anna. Last few days I have been stiff as a plank, old injuries come out in winter and my back was playing up…….now it all just flows, I have a normal body again, thank you soooooo much!

Frances, Retired

I definitely feel I can breathe more easily through my nose and hear better after the Ear Candling & Facial Cupping massage. I believe the Facial Cupping as helped clear out my sinus passages. It was all very relaxing, I had a little doze on the table.

Livia, Therapist & Dance Instructor

I’ve often seen Anna for Dry Needling on my shoulder and arms.  Fixes me every time.


Love that feeling after a fantastic remedial massage and foot cupping! Feeling amazing! Thanks Anna!

Pat, Auto Electrician

I have been receiving treatments for chronic back, shoulder, musculoskeletal conditions for the past year. Anna’s expert dry needling and remedial massage skills have been life-changing.  As a business owner, I rely on Anna’s regular treatments to keep me in shape and work ready. Since starting treatment with Anna, I no longer have to rely on heavy painkillers. After years of struggling in pain, broken sleep and stiffness and less effective treatments, my muscles and joints move freely.  Thank you, Anna!


Every time I come here you put me back in balance. Thank you.


Having regular reiki and massage sessions with Anna have been my savour since moving to Broome. Anna is extremely professional but also so down to earth you feel like you are visiting a good friend. Would highly recommend anyone who needs some rebalancing to see Anna! She is the best!

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